Video: 64 Bit and Multiple Quad Core Processors Video Demonstration

This is a demonstration of high end processors. This shows a 64 bit MIPS 5Kc running in a single core simple platform and then also in a manycore platform of 24 MIPS64 processors. It continues with a demonstration of an ARM Cortex-A9MP booting linux, and then shows the Imperas simulation technology really scales even with the most complex processors - by running a platform of 4 x ARM Versatile Express, each with a Cortex-15MPx4 running SMP linux. This is 16 processors running Linux - and it is still very fast and very interactive to use.

This video has several sections. Its contents are listed after the image below. Click on the section links to view the video from the start of that section.

OVP 64bit_and_quad_CA15MPx4_demo1 Video

  • [00:00] Start & Introduction

  • Demonstration of Processor & Memory
  • [00:54] Simple 32bit ARM Cortex-A9UP simulating Dhrystones
  • [01:14] Cortex-A9UP Running Peakspeed at 3,700 MIPS

  • Demonstration of 64bit MIPS core
  • [01:49] MIPS64 5KC running Dhrystone & Peakspeed
  • [02:30] Running 24 MIPS64 processors running dhrystones

  • Demonstration of ARM Versatile Express platform running Cortex-A9UP
  • [03:03] Booting up SMP Linux on Cortex-A9MPx4 and running cross compiled benchmarks
  • [04:15] Showing graphics output using the df_andi penguin example
  • [04:44] Booting SMP Linux in under 10 seconds on host laptop
  • [05:06] Running Android boot to the main screen

  • Demonstration of 4 x ARM Cortex-A15MPx4 (16 processors)
  • [05:57] Booting one platform simulating 4 quad cores running 4 x SMP Linux
  • [06:55] Interactively logging in and running cross compiled benchmarks
  • [08:00] Results showing a run of 12 Billion instructions

  • Summary
  • [08:11] Benefits and usage of OVP virtual platforms