File: Advanced_Simulation_Control_of_Platforms_and_Modules_User_Guide.pdf
Tracing the API calls and seeing what is happening.
Detailed OP API Documentation.
Structure of Harnesses/Modules & Simulation Phases.
Modules revisited (using the OP API and C).
Adding C code to a module.
Introducing basic introspection.
Simulating a platform.
Standard Multiprocessor Scheduling Algorithm.
Writing a custom scheduler.
Parallel Simulation: QuantumLeap.
Combining External and Native Memory.
Adding Memory Callbacks.
Simulation Optimization.
Enabling Peripheral Diagnostics.
Adding New Plugin Commands.
Introspecting / Querying components in the simulation.
Save / Restore.
Encapsulating Models for use in other Environments (C, C++, SystemC).
Integration with Client Debuggers.