Video: ARM Extendable Platform Kits and Tools Demo Video

This video provides an introduction to the OVP support for ARM processors and shows some of the available virtual platforms. It provides a quick walk through of several bare metal applications running on a simple platform, shows the use of GDB and the Imperas debug GUI. It shows multicore platforms and a Cortex-A57MPx4 platform booting Linaro SMP Linux. There is an introduction to accelerating simulation using parallel simulation making use of host multi-core processors and mentions the available Imperas advanced tools for software developers.

This video has several sections. Its contents are listed after the image below. Click on the section links to view the video from the start of that section.

OVP arm_epk_tools_1 Video

  • [00:00] Start & Introduction
  • [01:34] Available ARM Core Models
  • [01:54] Extendable Platform Kits for ARM processors
  • [02:38] Demonstrations
  • [02:38] Demonstration Agenda

  • Single Core Platforms
  • [02:53] Single Processor Platform: what you can do with it
  • [03:32] Simulation run of simple platform, Fibonacci example
  • [04:37] Fast run time speed: Peakspeed: 6,000 MIPS
  • [05:06] Software debug on single core platform using command line GDB debugger
  • [05:54] Software debug on single core platform using Eclipse encapsulation of GDB

  • Multi and Many Core Platforms
  • [08:27] Simulation example of a multicore platform running Fibonacci
  • [09:23] Multicore platform debug using GDB
  • [09:45] Many Core simulation showing 24 ARM Cortex-A15UP cores running Fibonacci software
  • [10:32] Heterogenous simulation using multiple vendor processors in one platform / run

  • SystemC Platforms
  • [11:35] Simulation using SystemC TLM2 platform with single ARM Cortex-A9UP

  • Extendable Platform Kits (Source Platforms with Operating Systems)
  • [12:41] Extendable Platform Kits for ARM: Running the ARMv8 Cortex-A57MPx4 EPK booting Linux
  • [14:08] Running the Versatile Express EPK using the Cortex-A15MPx4 core booting Linux

  • Imperas tools
  • [14:47] Imperas parallel simulation using QuantumLeap accelerator running up to 16,000 MIPS
  • [15:51] Introduction to the Imperas Verification, Analysis, Performance and Tracing tools

  • Summary
  • [17:08] Summary of Open Virtual Platforms (OVP) support for ARM processors