File: iGen_Platform_and_Module_Creation_User_Guide.pdf
Describes the use of the Imperas Model Generator iGen to create a virtual platform using OVP APIs.
Introduction, Prerequisites, Installation.
Describing a hardware design (a virtual platform).
Creating and simulating a first virtual platform.
Creating a module with a peripheral (a UART).
Changing the processor being used (from OR1K to ARM).
Adding Bus Bridges, Aliasing address regions.
Byte Swapping (Endian Correction).
An Example with Two processors with shared memory.
Caches (using Memory Model Components (MMC)).
Using Module Hierarchy in Virtual Platforms.
Passing buses down module hierarchy.
Passing Parameters down module hierarchy.
Directory structure: VLNV or direct paths.
Loading programs into the design.
Loading symbols into the simulator.
Setting Model Parameters.
Advanced Information & Usage of iGen.
iGen Module related Error Messages.
Creating ICM platforms with iGen (Deprecated).