With a base of high-quality research and development, an advanced design development platform environment, and wide-ranging manufacturing technologies, Renesas Electronics provides competitive products in the areas of microcontrollers, system LSIs, plus analog and power devices.

With the world's largest microcontroller market share as the driving force, Renesas are expanding their system LSI business worldwide, to strengthen business and customer relationships in developing countries, and to expand our capabilities into new markets such as green solutions.

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RENESAS Processor Families

V850 is the world wide Number 1 selling MCU in 2008 and has retained its position in 2009. Its performance, quality and reliability have been attested. V850 MCU has a large portfolio, including automotive specific MCUs, motor control ASSP and general industrial MCUs.

Processor Model Variants of Renesas / V850 /

The RH850 is a Renesas Electronics automotive micro-controller family that offers high performance balanced with very low power consumption over a wide and scalable range of products. This family offers rich functional safety and embedded security features needed for new and advanced automotive applications.

Processor Model Variants of Renesas / RH850 /

RL78 is a Renesas Electronics microcontroller family combining advanced features from both the 78K and R8C families to deliver low power consumption and high performance. RL78 is based upon a 16 bit CISC architecture with analogue rich functionality.

Processor Model Variants of Renesas / RL78 /

The M16C Family offers a robust platform of 32/16-bit CISC microcomputers featuring high ROM code efficiency, extensive EMI/EMS noise immunity, ultra-low power consumption, high-speed processing in actual applications, and numerous and varied integrated peripherals. Extensive device scalability from low- to high-end, featuring a single architecture as well as compatible pin assignments and peripheral functions, provides support for a vast range of application fields. In addition, our low-cost development environment and program correction function help you shorten product development time while greatly reducing total system costs.

Processor Model Variants of Renesas / M16C /

The 16-bit CISC microcontrollers of the R8C Family feature high ROM code efficiency, superb noise performance, low power consumption, high processing performance for real applications, and so on. With the advantage of abundant on-chip peripherals such as comprehensive timer functions and various serial communication functions, the R8C Family supports a wide range of application fields.

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