1. How to edit a page

Use the Edit hyperlink at bottom left, or double-click in the text window. You of course need permission to edit pages.

2. How to create a new component page

Goto the appropriate component category page, e.g CategoryPlatform, CategoryProcessor, CategoryPeripheral, etc and then at the bottom type in the name of your new component, and add the page - and do put in the {{CategoryPeripheral}} at the bottom so that your new Peripheral is findable... - look at (edit) one of the other peripherals and copy it. You should also put in your companies page, eg {{ImperasPage}} so that this new component gets listed under your company page.

3. How to add a link to a page

Just edit one of the pages and add a link to your page (the chain like icon in the edit icons or by hand inserting [[http::/ Link Description]]).

4. How to add a new page

You can edit a page and just create a link to the new page in the existing page with [[NewPageName description]] and then store the edit, and then click the link to create/edit the page, or you can use this form (to create an orphaned page - don't forget to link to it!) using:
and remember if you want to restrict write access to the new page then edit the ACLs to remove write access to others, best is read:* write: comment:+

5. How to upload files to your page's directory

Just put this text: {{Files}} as you edit your page and then store the page and you will be presented with a form and asked for the file name to upload to your page. Only you as the owner of the page can upload files. Others just see the list of available files - that they can download.

6. How to add a download button to your page

There is an easy way to add a download button and it can download using 3 different ways of specifying the file to be downloaded.
To download from your pages upload directory where you have used the {{files}} tag to add the files, just put this text: {{buttoni file="" title="download my file"}} as you edit your page and then store the page and you get a nice big button that is used to download the file.
To download from somewhere else use {{buttoni href="" title="download my file"}}.
To download from the download manager, and when you know the package name used to identify the file to be downloaded, use {{buttoni pname=""}}.

7. How to display an image/picture on your page

To display an image or picture when your page is displayed, insert {{image url="myimage.gif" title="mine" link=""}}, for example: {{image url="" title="Mips32Malta" alt="Mips32Malta" link=""}}.

8. How to put a link to external files/pages

To link to files or pages on your website to enable people to download them or to go to your website insert {{Files download="filename" text="descriptive name"}} to show a link to download a file, or put in a simple link to redirect the user - as described above.

9. How do I stop others editing my pages

When logged in - and for pages you own - click on the 'Edit ACLs' link (ACL = Access Control List) at the bottom of the page and set them normally to Read:*, Write:, Comment:, meaning all can read, only owner can write, and comment if you are logged in.
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