OVP Peripheral Model: AndesNCEPLIC100

Model Specific Information

This page provides introductory usage information for an Imperas OVP peripheral behavioral model. The page is split into sections providing specific information for this peripheral, including any ports for connecting into a platform, registers, other component parts, and configuration options and general information for peripheral modeling with Imperas OVP.


Open Source Apache 2.0


PLIC Interrupt Controller

Base PLIC model plus these Andes extension features:

- Software-programmable interrupt generation (writable pending registers)

- Configurable interrupt trigger types

- Preemptive priority interrupts


NOTE: The following Andes PLIC extension features are not supported:

- Vectored interrupt extension is not implemented


The RISC-V Instruction Set Manual Volume II: Privileged Architecture Version 1.10 (

AndesCore AX25-V100 Data Sheet V1.6


The NCEPLIC100 peripheral model is located in an Imperas/OVP installation at the VLNV: / peripheral / NCEPLIC100 / 1.0.

Peripheral Instance Parameters

This model accepts the following parameters:

Table : Peripheral Parameters

num_sourcesuns32Number of Input Interrupt Sources
num_targetsuns32Number of Output Interrupt Targets, Hart/Context
num_prioritiesuns32Number of Priority levels
priority_baseuns32Base Address offset for Priority Registers
pending_baseuns32Base Address offset for Pending Registers
enable_baseuns32Base Address offset for Enable Registers
enable_strideuns32Stride size for Enable Register Block
context_baseuns32Base Address offset for Context Registers, Threshold and Claim/Complete
context_strideuns32Stride size for Context Register Block
andes_versionuns32Andes PLIC design version
TriggerType0uns32Trigger type register 0 value
TriggerType1uns32Trigger type register 1 value
TriggerType2uns32Trigger type register 2 value
TriggerType3uns32Trigger type register 3 value
TriggerType4uns32Trigger type register 4 value
TriggerType5uns32Trigger type register 5 value
TriggerType6uns32Trigger type register 6 value
TriggerType7uns32Trigger type register 7 value
TriggerType8uns32Trigger type register 8 value
TriggerType9uns32Trigger type register 9 value
TriggerType10uns32Trigger type register 10 value
TriggerType11uns32Trigger type register 11 value
TriggerType12uns32Trigger type register 12 value
TriggerType13uns32Trigger type register 13 value
TriggerType14uns32Trigger type register 14 value
TriggerType15uns32Trigger type register 15 value
TriggerType16uns32Trigger type register 16 value
TriggerType17uns32Trigger type register 17 value
TriggerType18uns32Trigger type register 18 value
TriggerType19uns32Trigger type register 19 value
TriggerType20uns32Trigger type register 20 value
TriggerType21uns32Trigger type register 21 value
TriggerType22uns32Trigger type register 22 value
TriggerType23uns32Trigger type register 23 value
TriggerType24uns32Trigger type register 24 value
TriggerType25uns32Trigger type register 25 value
TriggerType26uns32Trigger type register 26 value
TriggerType27uns32Trigger type register 27 value
TriggerType28uns32Trigger type register 28 value
TriggerType29uns32Trigger type register 29 value
TriggerType30uns32Trigger type register 30 value
TriggerType31uns32Trigger type register 31 value

Net Ports

This model has the following net ports:

Table 1: Net Ports

NameTypeMust Be ConnectedDescription
irqS1inputF (False)
irqT0outputF (False)
irqS2inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS3inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS4inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS5inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS6inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS7inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS8inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS9inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS10inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS11inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS12inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS13inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS14inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS15inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS16inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS17inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS18inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS19inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS20inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS21inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS22inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS23inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS24inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS25inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS26inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS27inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS28inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS29inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS30inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS31inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS32inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS33inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS34inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS35inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS36inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS37inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS38inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS39inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS40inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS41inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS42inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS43inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS44inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS45inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS46inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS47inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS48inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS49inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS50inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS51inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS52inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS53inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS54inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS55inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS56inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS57inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS58inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS59inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS60inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS61inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS62inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port
irqS63inputF (False)Input Interrupt Port

Bus Slave Ports

This model has the following bus slave ports:

Bus Slave Port: port0

Table 2: Bus Slave Port: port0

NameSize (bytes)Must Be ConnectedDescription
port00x400000F (False)

Table 3: Bus Slave Port: port0 Registers:

NameOffsetWidth (bits)DescriptionR/Wis Volatile
FeatureEnable0x032AndesCore PLIC Feature Enable Register
Priority10x432Priority of Input Interrupt Source 1
Priority20x832Priority of Input Interrupt Source 2
Priority30xc32Priority of Input Interrupt Source 3
Priority40x1032Priority of Input Interrupt Source 4
Priority50x1432Priority of Input Interrupt Source 5
Priority60x1832Priority of Input Interrupt Source 6
Priority70x1c32Priority of Input Interrupt Source 7
Priority80x2032Priority of Input Interrupt Source 8
Priority90x2432Priority of Input Interrupt Source 9
Priority100x2832Priority of Input Interrupt Source 10
Priority110x2c32Priority of Input Interrupt Source 11
Priority120x3032Priority of Input Interrupt Source 12
Priority130x3432Priority of Input Interrupt Source 13
Priority140x3832Priority of Input Interrupt Source 14
Priority150x3c32Priority of Input Interrupt Source 15
Priority160x4032Priority of Input Interrupt Source 16
Priority170x4432Priority of Input Interrupt Source 17
Priority180x4832Priority of Input Interrupt Source 18
Priority190x4c32Priority of Input Interrupt Source 19
Priority200x5032Priority of Input Interrupt Source 20
Priority210x5432Priority of Input Interrupt Source 21
Priority220x5832Priority of Input Interrupt Source 22
Priority230x5c32Priority of Input Interrupt Source 23
Priority240x6032Priority of Input Interrupt Source 24
Priority250x6432Priority of Input Interrupt Source 25
Priority260x6832Priority of Input Interrupt Source 26
Priority270x6c32Priority of Input Interrupt Source 27
Priority280x7032Priority of Input Interrupt Source 28
Priority290x7432Priority of Input Interrupt Source 29
Priority300x7832Priority of Input Interrupt Source 30
Priority310x7c32Priority of Input Interrupt Source 31
Priority320x8032Priority of Input Interrupt Source 32
Priority330x8432Priority of Input Interrupt Source 33
Priority340x8832Priority of Input Interrupt Source 34
Priority350x8c32Priority of Input Interrupt Source 35
Priority360x9032Priority of Input Interrupt Source 36
Priority370x9432Priority of Input Interrupt Source 37
Priority380x9832Priority of Input Interrupt Source 38
Priority390x9c32Priority of Input Interrupt Source 39
Priority400xa032Priority of Input Interrupt Source 40
Priority410xa432Priority of Input Interrupt Source 41
Priority420xa832Priority of Input Interrupt Source 42
Priority430xac32Priority of Input Interrupt Source 43
Priority440xb032Priority of Input Interrupt Source 44
Priority450xb432Priority of Input Interrupt Source 45
Priority460xb832Priority of Input Interrupt Source 46
Priority470xbc32Priority of Input Interrupt Source 47
Priority480xc032Priority of Input Interrupt Source 48
Priority490xc432Priority of Input Interrupt Source 49
Priority500xc832Priority of Input Interrupt Source 50
Priority510xcc32Priority of Input Interrupt Source 51
Priority520xd032Priority of Input Interrupt Source 52
Priority530xd432Priority of Input Interrupt Source 53
Priority540xd832Priority of Input Interrupt Source 54
Priority550xdc32Priority of Input Interrupt Source 55
Priority560xe032Priority of Input Interrupt Source 56
Priority570xe432Priority of Input Interrupt Source 57
Priority580xe832Priority of Input Interrupt Source 58
Priority590xec32Priority of Input Interrupt Source 59
Priority600xf032Priority of Input Interrupt Source 60
Priority610xf432Priority of Input Interrupt Source 61
Priority620xf832Priority of Input Interrupt Source 62
Priority630xfc32Priority of Input Interrupt Source 63
Pending00x100032Pending Interrupt Register for Interrupts 31 downto 0
Pending10x100432Pending Interrupt Register for Interrupts 63 downto 32
TriggerType00x108032Andes Trigger Type Register for Interrupts 31 downto 0
TriggerType10x108432Andes Trigger Type Register for Interrupts 63 downto 32
NumIntsAndTgts0x110032Andes number of interrupts and targets register
VersionMaxPriority0x110432Andes version and max priority register
Target0_Enable00x200032Target 0: Enable Register for Interrupts 31 downto 0
Target0_Enable10x200432Target 0: Enable Register for Interrupts 63 downto 32
Target0_Threshold0x20000032Target 0 Priority Threshold
Target0_Claim0x20000432Target 0 Claim for Source
PreemptedPriorityStack00x20040032Andes preempted priority stack Register for priorities 31 downto 0
PreemptedPriorityStack10x20040432Andes preempted priority stack Register for priorities 63 downto 32
PreemptedPriorityStack20x20040832Andes preempted priority stack Register for priorities 95 downto 64
PreemptedPriorityStack30x20040c32Andes preempted priority stack Register for priorities 127 downto 96
PreemptedPriorityStack40x20041032Andes preempted priority stack Register for priorities 159 downto 128
PreemptedPriorityStack50x20041432Andes preempted priority stack Register for priorities 191 downto 160
PreemptedPriorityStack60x20041832Andes preempted priority stack Register for priorities 223 downto 192
PreemptedPriorityStack70x20041c32Andes preempted priority stack Register for priorities 255 downto 224
PreemptedPriorityStack80x20042032Andes preempted priority stack Register for priorities 287 downto 256

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