OVP Virtual Platform: BareMetalM14KSingle

What is a Bare Metal Platform?

A 'Bare Metal' Platform consists of a single processor with memory available over its complete address range.

Bare Metal Platform

This is ideal for execution of a user application that has been compiled for the target processor core using cross-compilation.

Obtaining the BareMetalM14KSingle platform and the OVP Simulator

The source and binary of the bare metal platforms are part of the OVP/Imperas downloads and live on a VLNV (Vendor Library Name Version) path.

To download from OVPworld, browse the OVP downloads page and download the OVPsim package. Click here to browse available downloads.

When installed this platform is found in your installation here: ImperasLib/source/

Running the Bare Metal Platform

1. Run the installer to install into a local directory on your PC. We recommend you use a path without spaces, for example your home directory.

2. Enter the Demo Directory IMPERAS_HOME/Demo/BareMetalM14KSingle

3. On Windows, double-click on the batch file xx.bat and on Linux run the script to run a simple application elf file on the Bare Metal Platform.

You will see output something like:
Info (ARM_NEWLIB_RDI_HEAP_INFO) RDI heap_base=0xc0000000 
Info (ARM_NEWLIB_RDI_EXIT) Process has ended (exit)
Info ---------------------------------------------------
Info   Type                  : arm
Info   Nominal MIPS          : 100
Info   Final program counter : 0x91a4
Info   Simulated instructions: 4,175
Info ---------------------------------------------------
Info ---------------------------------------------------
Info   Simulated time        : 0.00 seconds
Info   User time             : 0.02 seconds
Info   System time           : 0.00 seconds
Info ---------------------------------------------------

Setting Up for Re-building the Application

To rebuild the application and create the elf file you will need 3 things:
  • Cross-Compiler toolchain for thi processor
  • An OVP Installation
  • MSYS / MINGW environment (Windows Users Only)

Download and Installing the Cross-Compiler Toolchain

To download an appropriate tool chain, browse the OVP downloads page and download the package. Click here to browse.
If there is not one available please ask on the forum.

Once downloaded run the installer <packageName>.Windows32.exe for Windows and <packageName>.Linux32.exe for Linux to install on your PC.

Installing MSYS / MINGW Environment (Windows Users Only)

Obtaining and installing the MSYS and MINGW environment is described in Imperas_Installation_and_Getting_Started.pdf.


You will need to be in the Demo/'baremetaldemodir' directory using an MSYS shell for Windows or a Linux shell.

Re-building the Application
> make application

Re-building the Bare Metal Platform
> make platform

Executing the application on the platform
You can just double click on the .bat file as done previously, or you can run from the msys command line:
> ./BareMetal.OS.exe hello.CROSS.elf

This page provides detailed information about the OVP Virtual Platform Model of the BareMetalM14KSingle platform.


Bare Metal Platform for a MIPS M14K Processor. The bare metal platform instantiates a single M14K processor instance, using big endian data ordering. The platform can be passed any application compiled to a MIPS elf format as the argument It will also allow a port number to be specified to allow the connection of a remote GDB debugger. platform.OS.exe -program application.CROSS.elf [-port ] Where OS is Linux or Windows


Open Source Apache 2.0


BareMetal platform for execution of MIPS M14K binary files compiled with CodeSourcery CrossCompiler toolchain.


The BareMetalM14KSingle virtual platform is located in an Imperas/OVP installation at the VLNV: / platform / BareMetalM14KSingle / 1.0.

Platform Summary

Table : Components in platform

Busbus1(builtin)address width:32

Command Line Control of the Platform

Built-in Arguments

Table 1: Platform Built-in Arguments

allargsallargsThe Command line parser will accept the complete imperas argument set. Note that this option is ignored in some Imperas products

When running a platform in a Windows or Linux shell several command arguments can be specified. Typically there is a '-help' command which lists the commands available in the platforms.
For example: myplatform.exe -help

Some command line arguments require a value to be provided.
For example: myplatform.exe -program myimagefile.elf

Platform Specific Command Line Arguments

No platform specific command line arguments have been specified.

Processor [] instance: cpu0

Processor model type: 'mips32_r1r5' variant 'M14K' definition

Imperas OVP processor models support multiple variants and details of the variants implemented in this model can be found in:
- the Imperas installation located at ImperasLib/source/
- the OVP website: OVP_Model_Specific_Information_mips32_r1r5_M14K.pdf


MIPS32 Configurable Processor Model


Usage of binary model under license governing simulator usage. Source of model available under Imperas Software License Agreement.


If this model is not part of your installation, then it is available for download from


Models have been validated correct as part of the MIPS Verified program and run through the MIPS AVP test programs


Both MIPS32 and microMIPS32 Instruction sets implemented
MMU Type: Fixed Mapping
Vectored interrupts implemented
MCU ASE implemented

Instance Parameters

Several parameters can be specified when a processor is instanced in a platform. For this processor instance 'cpu0' it has been instanced with the following parameters:

Table 2: Processor Instance 'cpu0' Parameters (Configurations)

endianbigSelect processor endian (big or little)
mips100The nominal MIPS for the processor
variantM14KThe processor variant
semihostvendormips.ovpworld.orgThe VLNV vendor name of a Semihost library
semihostlibrarysemihostingThe VLNV library name of a Semihost library
semihostnamemips32NewlibThe VLNV name of a Semihost library
semihostversion1.0The VLNV version number of a Semihost library

Memory Map for processor 'cpu0' bus: 'bus1'

Processor instance 'cpu0' is connected to bus 'bus1' using master port 'INSTRUCTION'.

Processor instance 'cpu0' is connected to bus 'bus1' using master port 'DATA'.

Table 3: Memory Map ( 'cpu0' / 'bus1' [width: 32] )

Lo AddressHi AddressInstanceComponent

Net Connections to processor: 'cpu0'

There are no nets connected to this processor.

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