OVP Peripheral Model: IntelNorFlash48F4400

Model Specific Information

This page provides introductory usage information for an Imperas OVP peripheral behavioral model. The page is split into sections providing specific information for this peripheral, including any ports for connecting into a platform, registers, other component parts, and configuration options and general information for peripheral modeling with Imperas OVP.


Intel StrataFlash P30 Memory: 64MB (512-Mbit), 2x16, Top configuration.

Organized in a 2x16 configuration (2 16 bit wide data chips, requiring commands to be repeated in data bits 0:15 and 16:31).

Top configuration (last 4 blocks are 64KB parameter blocks).


No flash program timing is modeled, all operations including erase take effect immediately, and suspend commands are NOPs.

Block Locking, Lock-down and OTP (One-Time Programmable) features are not modeled (Blocks are always reported to be unlocked).

Burst-Mode reads and the Read Configuration register are not modeled.

Buffered writes are written immediately, not held until confirm command is issued.


Open Source Apache 2.0


Intel Nor Flash Datasheet as used on Xilinx ML505 board:


The NorFlash48F4400 peripheral model is located in an Imperas/OVP installation at the VLNV: / peripheral / NorFlash48F4400 / 1.0.

Peripheral Instance Parameters

This model accepts the following parameters:

Table : Peripheral Parameters

imagestringBinary image file name(s) for flash memory initial value

Bus Slave Ports

This model has the following bus slave ports:

Bus Slave Port: flash

Table 1: Bus Slave Port: flash

NameSize (bytes)Must Be ConnectedDescription
flash0x4000000T (True)

No address blocks have been defined for this slave port.

Platforms that use this peripheral component

Peripheral components can be used in many different platforms, including those developed by Imperas or by other users of OVP. You can use this peripheral in your own platforms.

Table 2: Publicly available platforms using peripheral 'NorFlash48F4400'

Platform NameVendor

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