OVP Peripheral Model: NxpIMX6GPT

Model Specific Information

This page provides introductory usage information for an Imperas OVP peripheral behavioral model. The page is split into sections providing specific information for this peripheral, including any ports for connecting into a platform, registers, other component parts, and configuration options and general information for peripheral modeling with Imperas OVP.


NXP i.MX6 GPT General Purpose Timer


Open Source Apache 2.0


Resolution of this timer is limited to the simulation time slice (aka quantum) size


i.MX 6Solo/6DualLite Applications Processor Reference Manual (IMX6SDLRM_Ref_Manual.pdf


The iMX6_GPT peripheral model is located in an Imperas/OVP installation at the VLNV: / peripheral / iMX6_GPT / 1.0.

Peripheral Instance Parameters

This model accepts the following parameters:

Table : Peripheral Parameters

clkuns32Clock frequency Hz (default 66000000Hz)

Net Ports

This model has the following net ports:

Table 1: Net Ports

NameTypeMust Be ConnectedDescription
interruptoutputF (False)Interrupt Output
capture1inputF (False)Input Capture 1
capture2inputF (False)Input Capture 2

Bus Slave Ports

This model has the following bus slave ports:

Bus Slave Port: bport1

Table 2: Bus Slave Port: bport1

NameSize (bytes)Must Be ConnectedDescription
bport10x1000T (True)

Table 3: Bus Slave Port: bport1 Registers:

NameOffsetWidth (bits)DescriptionR/Wis Volatile
ab_GPT_CR0x032Description GPT Control Register Force Output Compare Channel 3 Force Output Compare Channel 2 Force Output Compare Channel 1 Output Compare Channel 3 operating mode Output Compare Channel 2 operating mode Output Compare Channel 1 operating mode Input Capture Channel 2 operating mode Input Capture Channel 1 operating mode Software reset. Enable 24 MHz clock input from crystal Free-Run or Restart mode. Clock Source select GPT Stop Mode enable GPT Doze Mode Enable GPT Wait Mode enable. GPT debug mode enable GPT Enable mode GPT Enable
ab_GPT_PR0x432Description GPT Prescaler Register 24M crystal clock Prescaler bits CLKSRC Prescaler bits
ab_GPT_SR0x832Description GPT Status Register Rollover Flag. IF2 Input capture 2 Flag IF1 Input capture 1 Flag OF3 Output Compare 3 Flag OF2 Output Compare 2 Flag OF1 Output Compare 1 Flag
ab_GPT_IR0xc32Description GPT Interrupt Register Rollover Interrupt Enable Input capture 2 Interrupt Enable Input capture 1 Interrupt Enable Output Compare 3 Interrupt Enable Output Compare 2 Interrupt Enable Output Compare 1 Interrupt Enable
ab_GPT_OCR10x1032GPT Output Compare Register 1
ab_GPT_OCR20x1432GPT Output Compare Register 2
ab_GPT_OCR30x1832GPT Output Compare Register 3
ab_GPT_ICR10x1c32GPT Input Capture Register 1
ab_GPT_ICR20x2032GPT Input Capture Register 2
ab_GPT_CNT0x2432GPT Counter Register

Platforms that use this peripheral component

Peripheral components can be used in many different platforms, including those developed by Imperas or by other users of OVP. You can use this peripheral in your own platforms.

Table 4: Publicly available platforms using peripheral 'iMX6_GPT'

Platform NameVendor

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