Renesas RL78 Processor Model RenesasRL78

The Renesas RL78 processor model developed by eSOL TRINITY will be released as part of the standard packages.

This page provides detailed information about the OVP Fast Processor Model of the Renesas RL78 core.
Processor IP owner is Renesas. More information is available from them here.

OVP Fast Processor Model is written in C.
Provides a C API for use in C based platforms.
Provides a native C+\+ interface for use in SystemC TLM2 platforms.

The model is written using the OVP VMI API that provides a Virtual Machine Interface that defines the behavior of the processor.
The VMI API makes a clear line between model and simulator allowing very good optimization and world class high speed performance.

Example Platform

RL78G14 - R5F104LJ platform diagram

Here is an example platform that models the RL78/G14 Renesas Demonstration Kit (RDK). It contains six peripherals. These peripherals do not implement full functionality and are only for demonstration purpose.
  • rl78_intc - Interrupt Controller
  • rl78_port - GPIO Port
  • rl78_timer - Timer
  • rl78_uart - UART
  • st7579 - LCD Controller connect via SPI and GPIO
  • rl78_sys - psuedo registers

Some demo applications also are included.
  • blink_R5F104LJ - Toggle Port output with interval timer interrupt.
  • lifegame_R5F104PJ - LCD demonstration

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Overview of Renesas RL78 Fast Processor Model

Model Variant name:
RL78 Family Processor Model.
Open Source Apache 2.0
The following register are non-functional
PMC (Processor mode control register)
Models have been extensively tested by ESOL Trinity.
All RL78 Instructions are supported.
RL78-S3 core : All instructions are supported. Register bank is supported
RL78-S2 core : 6 instructions (MULU, MULHU, MULH, DIVHU, DIVWU, MACHU, MACH) are not supported. Register bank is supported
RL78-S1 core : 7 instructions (above 6 instruction and SEL) are not supported. Register bank is also not supported
RL78 Family User’s Manual: Software Rev.2.20 Nov 2014 (r01us0015ej0220_rl78)
RL78ファミリ ユーザーズマニュアル ソフトウェア編 Rev.2.20 2014.11 (r01us0015jj0220_rl78)


Location: The Fast Processor Model source and object file is found in the installation VLNV tree:
Processor Endian-ness: This model is little endian.
Processor ELF Code: The ELF code for this model is: 0xC5 (EM_RL78)
QuantumLeap Support: The processor model has not yet been qualified to run in a QuantumLeap enabled simulator.

Bus Ports
Port Type Name Width (bits) Description
master DATA 20

Net Ports
Name Type Bits
reset input Reset port. When asserted, read program start address from 00000h, and jump to this address.
extint input External interrupt port
intAck output Interrupt acknowledge port

No FIFO Ports in rl78.

Name Code Description
RL78_EXCPT_RST 0 reset
RL78_EXCPT_TRP 1 Illegal instruction exception (will reset)
RL78_EXCPT_IAW 2 Illegal address exception (will reset)
RL78_EXCPT_BRK 3 BRK exception
RL78_EXCPT_IRQ 4 External interrupt request

More Detailed Information

The rl78 OVP Fast Processor Model also has parameters, model commands, and many registers.
The model may also have hierarchy or be multicore and have other attributes and capabilities.
To see this information, please have a look at the model variant specific documents.
Click here to see the detailed document OVP_Model_Specific_Information_rl78_RL78-S3.pdf.

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