Video: MIPS Demo Video Presentation

For a demo of how easy it is to download, and a quick walk through downloading and running the applications please watch the video: (Note that since this video was recorded the OVPworld website has been redesigned and so browsing this site will be slightly different. We will update this video shortly.)

This video has several sections. Its contents are listed after the image below. Click on the section links to view the video from the start of that section.


  • [00:00] Start & Introduction

  • Single Processor Demonstration
  • [00:43] Components of the Single Processor Demos
  • [01:05] Downloading the demo package from OVPworld
  • [01:31] Installing and examining the demo files
  • [02:14] The C test harness / platform
  • [02:38] Simulating the platform with different applications
  • [03:40] Simulating the Fibonacci example on a MIPS core
  • [04:06] Peakspeed running at ~1,000 MIPS

  • Multi-core example Demonstrations
  • [04:44] Running a 2 x MIPS core platform with shared memory
  • [05:48] Manycore example with 24 processors each running dhrystone benchmark

  • Summary
  • [06:59] Benefits and usage of OVP virtual platforms