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This page is for information about using OVP technologies on Windows.
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OVP Windows Development Environment MSYS / MinGW

The development of OVP platforms, processor and peripheral models on the Windows operating system has been validated in an environment using MSYS and MINGW.
A default build environment is provided with both the Imperas tools and OVPsim installations that will allow models and platforms to be built in this environment.

We provide here versions of MSYS and MinGW that are known to work with the build environment - these are described in the Imperas_Installation_and_Getting_Started.pdf User guide.


Download mingw-get-setup.exe (85KB) to obtain the latest MSYS base (recommended).

NOTE: select the installation of MSYS base only, MinGW versions known to work with Imperas/OVP build infrastructure are provided as separate zip files (see below).

Download MSYS-1.0.10.exe from here (3Mbyte)

For the latest versions you can visit


For the generation of Windows 32-bit host code the MinGW cross compiler download (47MB)

For the generation of Windows 64-bit host code the MinGW cross compiler download (47MB)

The MinGW zip files should be extracted into the installation directory (default C:MinGW) and the location of the bin directories added to the PATH

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