File: Simulation_Control_of_Platforms_and_Modules_User_Guide.pdf
Simulating Modules using harness.exe.
Imperas Simulation Overview.
Separation of iGen modules and C harness / testbench.
Documentation on the OP API.
Introducing a C harness / testbench.
The top level or root module.
Configuring the Simulation using parameters.
Controlling the simulation using the Command Line.
Writing your own harness.exe.
Monitoring / Tracing during simulation.
Simulating Processor Exceptions.
Semihosting and Intercept Libraries.
Simulator Control Files.
Loading an Application Program file.
Attaching a debugger.
Imperas Graphical Debug Environments.
Controlling Record and Replay of Virtualized Peripheral Input.
OP API Compatibility with deprecated ICM API.