OVP Technology works well with IP-XACT interfaces

Information about how OVP works with IP-XACT from Accellera (www.accellera.org)

Back in 2005 when Imperas created the foundation of Open Virtual Platforms it required a mechanism to represent models and be the driver for its model representations and library mechanisms.

Regarding these model related items, Imperas made three important decisions:

1) use XML for the data model & interface representation

2) use a vendor library name version structure for its library mechanism

3) build model interfaces in a high level language, but provide tool interoperability with XML

When the SPIRIT consortium was formed in 2006 (later merged into Accellera in 2009) it worked on these areas and now provides an approach being promoted in the industry that encompasses the ideas. This was IP-XACT which is now the IEEE 1685-2014 standard.

Open Virtual Platforms interoperates well with IP-XACT interface by using tools from commercial vendors.

Please contact Imperas if you need to get from IP-XACT to OVP or from an OVP model/platform to IP-XACT (as Imperas have such tools).