Video: Video Presentation of SystemC TLM2.0 ARM Integrator Platform booting Linux

If you use SystemC TLM2.0 platforms then this demo should be watched as it includes an ARM926EJ-S OVP cpu model and OVP system peripherals all being used in a SystemC TLM2.0 platform running the Linux operating system. The video also explains how to load your own application software onto the platform for development and debug. This platform and all models are provided as source and can be extended with your own SystemC peripherals and can then be used to develop drivers and applications all running on the ARM core. After watching you can download this virtual platform and all models and the OS binary from the panel on the right. (Note that since this video was recorded the OVPworld website has been redesigned and so browsing this site will be slightly different. We will update this video shortly.)