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Who we are ?
Nuum Solutions is a technology adoption company aiming at bringing new design techniques and technologies into engineering. Through a wide varieties of adoption services, it helps you to smoothly integrate virtual prototyping, co-design, system-level design and behavioural synthesis.
We believe that Risk Management and Change Management are essential for technology adoption, and that's our approach !

Avionic FMS with Google Earth employing Micrium uC/OS-II RTOS


Nuum Solutions developed a flight management system (FMS) of a unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) using OVP virtual prototyping. The system manages the UAV flight commands following a mission order (GPS coordinates) and outputs UAV GPS coordinates into Google Earth and displays UAV flight parameters into a Glass Display.

The goal was to develop an embedded software application and explore architectural choices with different configurations. A co-processor has been added to enhance system performances and meet timing constraints.
This system mostly consists in virtual hardware parts (CORDIC, timer, UART, AMBA Bus), an ARM7 processor and a commercial RTOS running on top of it (Micrium uC/OS-II) . OVP perfomances allow us to run the system live on our machines.

For more information about the UAV flight management system, do not hesitate to contact us.

For a white paper on how virtual prototyping is allowing an innovative design process for the audio/video streaming industry, contact us.

For a white paper virtualization applied to the Aerospace industry, contact us.

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