Open Virtual Platforms

This is the page listing the files/installers from OVP that don't have a current place in the normal pages of the website and we put them here for you to download.

The main download page and sections of the OVPworld site have a current version of all the currently available downloads.

There is a drop down list of previous & beta versions that are available so you can select a previous or beta version if needed.

We expect users to always move up to the current version when it becomes available.

If you use previous or alpha/beta/engineering versions you may need to get a new license key - email with your request.

Updated Release Packages

Below are any currently available updated release packages. These may contain updates and be compatible to the current release (these will have the same major version) or they may be alpha/engineering release packages, identified by a version string prefixed with 'eng.', for example 'eng.20150105.5'. Note alpha/engineering releases are not as well tested as beta or normal release packages.

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